We are a proud support of the Jumpstart program. Please contact us for more details on how funding can be provided for our recreational programs.



Drop in classes allow YOU to add more dance to your fast-paced life.  We offer a variety of classes for beginner & Intermediate adults who are looking to find a fun way to incorporate exercise into their lives.

Drop-in Memberships can be used for the following classes:


  • Adult Tap

  • Variety Class  (Different styles rotating weekly which includes Jazz, lyrical & Contemporary)

  • Stretch & Conditioning


Our Recreational program allows part-time dancers the freedom to take as many classes as desired without the commitment of competition.  In these classes, students will focus on learning new skills and enjoying movement while still being held to the standards & structure of a competitive class. A year-end routine for each class will be performed at our annual recital. Recreational students,ages 7 and up,  may take classes in tap, jazz,  Acro, hip hop, ballet, musical theatre and/or stretch and conditioning. 

Dancers aged 3-6 can take our "Tiny Dancers" class which will focus on learning basic movements from the foundations of ballet and Jazz. 



Our Competitive program is geared towards students with a growing passion and dedication for dance. Competitive dancers will learn discipline, time management, sportsmanship and confidence when enrolling on our team. Competition is a substantial commitment and dancers will be expected to put the team before all other extra-curricular activities.  Students are required to compete in two competitions annually (one local & one out of town) as well ass the year end recital. 


All members are required to take the following classes each week: ballet, stretch and conditioning, Acro and/or another discipline of choice (i.e. tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, lyrical, contemporary, etc.). Students competing only in hip hop are exempt from the mandatory ballet class. Dancers will receive high-end technical training and creative choreography.