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Low Mobility Dance/Fitness Classes


Welcome to the Low Mobility Fitness and Dance!

My name is Julie and I am the low mobility instructor. I am Ottawa's Best Low Mobility Trainer for 2023 from Faces Magazine. I have been learning to incorporate fitness and dance from my wheelchair and bringing my passion for dance to others.    I have learnt how to incorporate dance and fitness with the movement of my wheelchair.  Low mobility dance is for everyone,  here we learn specialized dance moves, with graceful movements while using, low mobilty aids. This is a great way to stay active. 

Below are a few sample videos that you can do at home to give you a taste of what this class is all about . If you enjoy them , I would encourage you to come and join me for an in-person class!

We also offer competitive dance! Please see our programs page for more details or send us an email for more information.

Staying fit with lower mobility will never be a challenge again!  Let's Dance together <3


A small introduction on who I am.  I have been dancing for over 40 years, and now have found a new passion for fitness and dance.  I have danced several  different styles and now inspired to keep dancing and remaining fit with low mobility.  

Halloween Dance

Halloween dance, great for all ages. our star student had so much fun.  

Low Mobility Dance
Level 1

Here is our first dance video.  This is a beginner dance hip hop style. The video starts with a step by step instruction, and then we put the moves to music with an old school dance song from the 90's.   Enjoy!

Low Mobility Fitness Beginner Level 1

 Staying fit with lower mobility can be a challenge.  Here you will have 10-15 minute workouts that you can try daily.  This is beginner level 1, enjoy


Stay tuned for more videos, let us know what style you would like to see.  

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